Charles Mathews

The ins and outs of Being a Manufactured Home dealer. I started out as a Salesperson, in Southern California in the late 1980’s. As I learned about the Manufactured Home Industry. I soon discovered there was at that time, a few companies that were in the business to take every last dollar from the customer. I felt, that there had to be a better, way to help, families, that needed housing , so I became a Licensed Manufactured home dealer, in southern California, after being successful, I sold the business, and went to work for Security Pacific Bank, as a VP, learning the banking side of the manufactured home business. This was short lived, as Bank Of America, bought out Security Pacific Banks, I then worked for Bank of America, as an appraiser, in the manufactured home Industry. While on vacation, I stopped, and looked at a home for sale in Shingletown, Ca. After purchasing the home, The next thing I did was sell Real-estate. But all along I had this need to go back into the business of owning a Manufactured Mobile Home Dealership.With 25 yrs of knowledge,the opportunity came along for me and a local business partner to start, a company. After a successful, business partnership. I decided to open up a Manufactured Mobile Home Dealership again. I opened up” Mobile Homes 4 Less”, in Orland, Ca. Then opened up a branch office in Red Bluff, Ca. Soon I discovered, that the drive to Orland, every day, was too hard, and with regret, I closed the Orland, office, and made Red Bluff,Ca the new home of “Mobile Homes 4 Less”.

Duane Mathews

Today we are the same Mom and Pop dealership, still trying, to be the best, and most respected local manufactured home dealer. With many years, of knowledge, in the industry, I have slowly, started to slow down, and teach my son Duane, to run the day to day operations of the company. I will always be grateful, to all the lovely people, I have meet, and helped, in the Past, Present, and the future. If you are still looking for, the affordable way of home ownership, call Duane, and let his expertise, guide you into your next home, purchase.